Are Car Dealerships The Best Way To Finance Your Car?

Car dealerships are not the best choice when it comes to taking out auto loans. This is because they fix a certain interest rate on your car financing after figuring out your actual credit score. Whatever your credit score; good or bad, they will use it in order to determine the period of loan repayment and off course your interest rate. However, there are some things you can keep in mind to get the best offer from car dealerships.

Alternatives for Financing

One thing you should always keep in mind is that no matter what offers the car dealership makes to you; if you have decided not to get the finance from the dealership then you should not. There are a wide variety of options available. Banks can also be a good alternative and there are many other non-conventional lenders that you have not come across.

Things to Consider

One important thing that you should remember is that the car dealership will make various offers to you. They will try their best to persuade to you to get car financing from them, but there are a few things you need to consider before approving or declining the offer.

First thing you need to do is compare the amount of money you are paying them when they finance you loan and the price of the car if you paid in cash. The difference between the two amounts, will give you a rough idea whether the loan will be convenient or not.

Once you have this information, you will need to talk to your lender and ask them for a loan they will be able to get for you, if you were to pay in cash or upfront. However, if they are unable to find a loan you want and there is a significant difference then you should look for alternatives.

Extra Information

There are many other things that you need to keep in mind when deciding to finance your car with the help of car dealerships. The first thing is the annual percentage rate, which is also knows ad APR. It helps you determine the interest rate you will have to pay each year and it is calculated by following a few certain steps or processes. In order to calculate the APR you would have to multiply the yearly interest rate by the amount you have taken out as a loan.

Secondly, you would have to pay the granting fee also known as administrative fee. These are the lenders fees, which are not included in above mentioned APR. In addition you will also need to find the total time for your loan repayment so that you can figure out the amount of your monthly installments. Once you know how long you have to repay your loans and the amount you need to pay, you can easily plan when and how to pay. Planning will also help you decide whether you are in need of a down payment or not. Lastly, you need to make sure that you have read the terms and conditions of contract before signing.

Once you have found a car dealership that offers you the car financing loan that you are looking for, you can start planning and relax that you have sorted out your auto loans.

Strategies For Financing Commercial Real Estate Deals

Typically, you will need to secure a loan for financing commercial real estate deals due to the size of the deal and type of property. While this probably makes sense, what you may not consider is where to look for this financing. Most if not all investors would probably consider going to large banks because of their overall size and assets. But read on to see why this might not be your best option and where you should probably be looking instead.

Obtaining Bank Loans:

It is preferable to deal with small, rather than large, banks. Big banks have more money, but not necessarily for you. Also, it’s easier to get lost in a big bank, because those employees may get promoted to a different location or a different department suddenly, your contact may no longer be there when you need them most, like in the middle of a deal.

A small bank that has their charter as a community bank is a better bet. A community bank is formed under what is called the Community Banking Act (CBA). It usually furnishes a certificate of need, just like a hospital would do to get into the community. Their certificate indicates the particular niche of the market on which they are focused. Also, one of the great benefits of a small bank is the loan approval process. They usually don’t have to wait for a committee to meet to discuss your loan. They see each other every day and make decisions quickly, since there are only two or three persons on the loan committee.

And how about this for a twist you may not have considered before. When you find a local bank with whom you enjoy a thriving relationship, consider trying to make them your tenants. Imagine having the community bank that you use for most of your accounts being downstairs in the lobby of your building. You could go down when your representative is not busy, or even visit with one of the officers to see what they think about a particular deal you’re considering. Certainly, this would give you an edge over your competition if there is such a thing when dealing with banks. But surely it couldn’t hurt to have such a relationship.

Here is another source for financing commercial real estate deals you may not have considered before.

Finance Company Loans:

Finance companies are capable of doing things that conventional banks can not do due to government regulations or the internal workings of the institution itself. The first thing a person thinks of when this type of company is mentioned, is usually Household Finance or Family Finance. And while these are certainly finance companies, they aren’t the ones you need to be contacting. The types of finance companies you want to contact are the ones with vast real estate financial dealings. Below are three of the larger companies that do this type of business, but you could certainly find others with all of the resources available to us today to locate information.

Some Finance Company Suggestions:

GE Capital


Ford Credit

So in summary, I hope this provides you with some valuable information perhaps you had not considered prior. By opening your eyes to some additional resources for financing commercial real estate deals, it may be an area you will want to consider for your investing portfolio moving forward.

Important Things That a Low Income Earner Should Do When Getting an Auto Loan

Car finders with lower incomes would usually seek for auto loans that they could obtain, pay for these promptly, and allow them to gain full ownership of the cars that they want to finance. However, getting a loan with a limited monthly income can be difficult. This is because lenders are usually sensitive with the loan applicants’ monthly incomes. Due to this, lenders would turn the car loan applications of individuals with lower incomes down.

But this doesn’t mean low-income earners are not qualified to obtain different auto loans. In fact, getting some of the auto financing deals is possible and manageable as long as they know the proper ways on how to secure these. In order to help them, this article provides the important things that low-income earners should do when getting auto loans and these are following.

1. Accomplish the necessary preparation

Car loan applicants with relatively lower incomes should try to prepare themselves before they go out and shop for the available auto loan deals. They should make sure that their credit reputation is good even although their monthly earnings are low. By doing this, they would probably convince lenders that they are responsible enough to handle the obligations involved in getting a loan.

This simply means that low-income earners should provide proofs that they are capable of handling credit obligations. One thing that they could do is pay their existing financial obligations such as their personal loans or their current credit card balances. By doing this, they would be able to project themselves as responsible creditors.

In addition to this, car loan applicants with lower incomes should also save their money for the down payment, look for a qualified co-signer, and search for collateral that they could use in the event that lenders would require any of these.

2. Search for the best lender

When all the possible requirements are prepared, the next thing that this type of creditors should do is to search for the best lender. They can try to visit some of the local lenders and look for loan deals suited to their budget.

They need to be very patient in looking for lenders that could provide them with what they need. The most important thing that they should do is to explain their current financial condition with lenders. In addition to this, they should also make sure that the lenders are willing to help them.

These types of loan applicants should also search for more loan offers from different lenders to increase the chances of getting the best from what is offered. By getting more auto loan quotes, they would be able to choose those that involve lower monthly payments and interest rates.

3. Choose the most appropriate car to finance

It is also important for low-income earners to choose the appropriate type of car to finance. Since their monthly incomes are low, it is advisable for them to finance some of the available cheap new car models. By doing this, they would obtain lower monthly premiums, lower interest rates, and increase the chance of paying their loans off.

They could also talk to their lenders and inquire about the type of vehicles that they could finance. Lenders usually provide recommendations about the cars that each type of loan applicants could finance based on their income and this prevents low-income earners from financing cars that they can’t afford.